Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Turkish Coffee

I am in the habit of drinking Turkish coffee in the late afternoon. I enjoy the ritual of preparing it. It smells delicious. I love the pretty little cups in which I have it. It tastes delicious. And, three o'clcock seems to be the time I want a pick me up. I enjoy the quiet restful time during which I prepare my coffee. I love talking on the phone with my friend as I drink it or sitting in my wingback chair alone to drink it. I love my chair. I love my friend. I love how the drink is hot, while it is cold here. I love how sharp my mind feels after drinking it.

I would like to find something to substitute for this, and Pero is not cutting it.

Every time I find a reason not to drink Turkish coffee, I'll write it here:
February 8, 2008 - My teeth are turning yellow!
Postscript- Well on Feb 14 I got sick and so giving up coffee was easy!