Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Raw Milk

In answer to the question- Don't raw foodists drink raw milk?

See yesterdays' post- Most Raw Foodists are Vegan. Simply, most don't consume animal products at all. Even consuming honey or bee pollen is controversial. I would not drink raw milk, or eat unpasteurized cheese. This is because I don't think cow (or goat) milk is the best human food.

Sixty percent of people have lactose intolerance. It is particularly common among Hispanics and African-Americans. This can take the form of gassiness or stuffy nose, or more serious reactions such as a swollen face after drinking milk.

I remember that when I was in school the teachers had charts with four squares. Meat (pictures of hams and sausages and eggs), Dairy (ice cream featured prominently in this group), Fruits & Vegetables (Lumped together) and Breads (including white bread and soda crackers). We were told these foods were good for you. Maybe schools should have to get permission slips from parents before children are exposed to these lies. Not for sex education, but for the other garbage they teach in health class.

Raw milk is not the most radical idea, and I keep reading about how some people think it is good for you. Our grandfathers regularly drank unpasteurized milk. In France, cheeses are not pasteurized. Many people feel that the government should not make this decision for people. But, I know someone who got sick from drinking raw milk. I don't think it is wise to drink raw milk.