Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Raw Food Real Cooking

Raw Food Real Cooking is a cookbook by Matthew Kenney and Sarma Mengalis. I have the cooked cookbook Big City Cooking by Matthew Kenney, and it is really good. I was intimidated by this raw cookbook, and so only recently bought it. I wish I had bought it sooner.

Like the other book, this book is filled with sumptuous pictures that show you how the finished dish will look. Like the other book this includes a Shopping Directory at the end because the authors believe that good food begins with good ingredients. (And in the world of raw foods, it's very helpful and informative.) New to this book is a bit of friendly chattiness and the voice of co-author Sarma that I think works well.

I don't have a lot of fancy kitchen tools; I have a blender and food processor combo that I bought together for $60 at Costco. But I have been able to make everything in this book that I've tried. So my nut milks are a little nutty and therefore not as smooth as what the authors acheive. In places I have substitued ingredients either because the authors suggest it, or because I gained the confidence to improvise from Big City Cooking. Everything comes out delicious.

I can't even wait until I have a proper dehydrator, blender, etc.I gave myself one month of being raw before I invested in these items. Guess what? I feel so great. Sarma does not lie when she says this raw food will get you feeling amazing. I LOVE having this beautiful book, and it's elegant recipes to take raw foodism beyond rabbit food. I can serve a Mango Macadamia Milk Lassi for brunch and my guests reaction is "Wow."

Buy this book if you want to go raw- OR- are looking for many recipes that even non-raw foodists will enjoy. There is plenty here to try even without any fancy equipment.

There's a new Matthew Kenney Cookbook- Everyday Raw.