Wednesday, December 10, 2008

New Years Resolution Widget Needed

I really wish someone would create the following control- I call it ResolutionKeeper.

Something I can insert in a page:

It would allow someone to create graphs:
How many miles did I run each day?
How many servings of fruits and vegetables did I eat each day?
What percentage of my daily intake was raw?
That kind of thing....

I could add it to a page at to show how many days I ate raw/ what perecentage of my food was raw.

Family Menu (is for the non-raw) Spring

Postscript: We did eat from this menu- but I never made a raw carrot muffin. Whew, that was ambitious.


  1. Daily GVJ- just celery juice or spinach, celery, quarter of an orange blended in a Vita-Mix
  2. Chopped sprouted & dehydrated almonds, blueberries, sunflower seeds, nutmylk
  3. (Hot oatmeal with cinnamon, and grated apple)
  4. Raw almond butter and banana w dehydrated sunflower seeds or Banana and nutmilk "shake"
  5. Raw carrot almond muffin


  1. Salad with lemon juice/olive oil dressing, and sunflower seeds or coleslaw
  2. (Legume-based cooked salads: three-bean, chickpea, lentil)
  3. Soups: raw carrot-ginger, (cabbage based- vegetable, black bean, lentil, split pea)
  4. Raw Hummus w dipping veggies
  5. (Kids have left-overs, lentils and brown rice with vegetables, PBJ sandwiches & fruit)

  1. Pasta marinara: zuchini noodles on top of Russell James almond polpetta
  2. (Baked vegetables: eggplants and tomatoes are not in season- but you can use it if you have some canned) Raw cauliflower macaroni and cheese from Mathew Kenney's book, (my family wont eat even homemade real mac n cheese) Califlower is in season though- baked cauliflower with vinagrette on top, served with brown rice
  3. Vegan pinto beans w sautéed bell peppers (bells are not in season) onion, zuchini
  4. Gratitude raw almond-dill dip with crudite
  5. Admundson vegetable stir-notfry
  6. Raw Food Real World spicy indian cauliflower samosas and lemon tahini
  7. Homemade Pizza from Raw World


    Glass of water to start, more GVJ, more soup, cucumber/carrot/bellpepper plate w raw hummus, (apples, bananas, not-too-sweet-flax-oatmeal cookies)

must make juice

It's 6:20 am, must make juice.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


The site redo for feels disastrous for me. I'm trying to trust their motivations for the redesign but- the site is so much less usable.

Correcting Course

It has been about three months that I have been off course. It seems amazing- how could this happen, knowing what I know? I have not been preparing foods that support my perfect blood sugars and my raw journey.

Lessons learned:

1. Things may fall apart during times of transition and stress. (Nilsu had to go back to school. It was a major shift around here.)

2. The issue is not what I am eating- but what I am preparing. If I get up and make cooked oatmeal for the kids- I eat cooked oatmeal. If I make baked oatmeal cookies- I eat baked oatmeal cookies. If I have fresh blueberries around, and a salad ready for dressing waiting in the fridge- I will eat blueberries and salad.

3. I still have this issue- mostly in my head- that raw "costs too much." And, "takes too much time."

So- we begin again....

I have been reading Philip McClusky's blog, and it so inspiring and beautiful.

He was recently in San Luis Obispo- a place I've spent plenty of time- and I can't believe his adventures there: "Brandie owns Smiling Dog Café, and works there along with AmyRuth. Smiling Dog Café is a branch off of Smiling Dog Yoga Studio, and did I mention it’s raw!" I am really happy for him, curious about the raw food scene in SLO. I can't wait to go there!

So- again- we begin again.

I so desperately need some time to myself. From 6:30 am - 8:30 pm I am on mommy-mode, and then I watch a little television or read. I so desperately need an hour alone. I can't remember the last time I had an hour alone. Well- at least I have a party to go to this weekend, and a date with my husband coming up. But- that's not exactly time alone.