Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I wrote: Bringing awareness to that is like waking up out of a dream. There are so many things we do that are just sleepwalking! or worse, being in some kind of nightmare-loop. Here I am doing it again.

When I re-read it something came to me.

I had the insight before that the most boring thing I do is to fall short of my measurable goal. (Probably the most boring thing I do is be more interested in myself than I am in other people, but I digress.) So- instead of being totally inspired- as I am by the lives of some of my friends- and many strangers- I get this flat experience. Wouldn't it be exciting to live the fact that we can cure diabetes? So, what stops me?

If I can really see how- getting into that loop- (for the purpose of a reader who stumbles across this blog understanding what I'm saying- a loop might be birthday parties must be celebrated with coffee, cake and ice-cream) doing this thing that is so conditioned- blows me off track because diabetics are really set-up to then crave more carbohydrates after eating some (even a very small portion.) Then I don't do the thing (cure my diabetes, help others do the same) that had me all excited. Boring.

I want to talk about someone who is not boring- who is exciting and inspiring to me. Her name is Kandace and she posts recipes at www.goneraw.com. And I am a receiver for this light that she is putting out there. Anyway- it is a sacred moment seeing how we are all connected and how one person's choices can be a gift to many.