Saturday, February 9, 2008

Raw After Thirty

I succeeded in following the guidelines I set for myself on December 26, 2007. I was raw for thirty. I ate an exclusively vegan diet, and an eighty percent raw diet. It felt great. I didn't lose any weight. I also didn't gain weight- on a diet heavy with avocados and raw almonds etc. My blood sugars are very good, without medication.

Tomorrow will be February 10, 2007. I would like to set another thirty day goal. Going forward I would like to maintain my earlier guidelines (raw, vegan at home) (cooked vegetarian at restaurants) (free pass for anything served at a monthly dinner event I attend) and to cut out coffee. I don't mind my raw breakfast juice and salad for lunch, but I need better dinners.

Also, I need to plan a bunch of munchies (that aren't fruit, or more nuts.) I need something to eat for times when absolutely everything is challenging at work/home. Comforting and fast food is a good thing. I really love a bowl of hot soup (especially during the winter.) But, what can I do that supports me being raw? There are some good recipes at, I'll try some of the ones marked "easy."

(*) For the last six years I have planned and cooked a set weekly menu. It simplifies shopping, planning, cooking. Some of the following recipes can be found on

Mon- Kale wraps with avocado and dates
Tue- Taco Salad, Cirtus Ginger-ade (Citrus is mis-spelled at goneraw)
Wed- Asian Marinated Mushrooms in cabbage and Tomatoes layered with macadamia cheese
Thur- Falafel Balls or Hummus, Veggie Sticks
Fri- Red Root Wraps, Blue-ants on a Log
Sat- Red Cabbage and Apple Soup, Sunny Salad, Apple Cookies
Sun- Zoodles in Asian Dressing with Cashews