Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rainbow Green Raw Food Cuisine / Diabetes Cure

I find it amazing that of the reviewers that say they have diabetes- every single one said this program lowered their blood sugars and it works. Yet, people give the program a lukewarm review because it is too hard, or there aren’t enough recipes, nor an exact diet given. Do you want a program that will help you cure your diabetes or not? This program gets you perfect blood sugar.

OK- the program is hard. Follow it only if you want to live a long healthy life.

As for not giving a specific program: he gives you formulas and patterns because then you can create endless menus and variety in your meals. He tells you which foods to eat, and which to avoid. He tells you how to juice-feast, four ways to get more greens, how to make green soups, how to make crackers and pates and wraps. He gives some recipes. There are tons of recipes online once you have these guidelines.

If your friends think this diet is too “extreme” then please consider that you deserve more support from the people you love. (My friends and family have given me complete support.)

This book is NOT an ad for his workshops. There are about 450 pages and only 10 describing the workshops. Those ten pages explain something that I think is very true- to live on a raw vegan diet, you need to learn about more than just food. (Honestly, to commit to curing your diabetes through any diet, one would probably need to learn about a lot more than food. It is a spiritual journey.)