Thursday, April 1, 2010

Berenstein Solution vs. Rainbow Green Healing

I see a lot of overlap between what these doctors are saying about how to help your diabetes through diet. Yet one is a vegan rabbi and the other is an advocate of meat eating. They both say eat tons of vegetables, avoid most fruits and starches. Coffee is bad. You need to exercise to control blood sugar and build muscle. Those fake sugars are very bad. Berenstein says most of them don’t work to control blood sugar, and Cousins sees them as toxic.

Berenstein says eat enough meat to feel satisfied. But Dr Cousins program brings in a spiritual dimension. He feels that you will not only be physically healthier if you don’t eat meat, you will be doing the ethical thing.

Both of these doctors will tell you that as a diabetic you cannot consume the starches, sweet fruits, sugar-free drinks and candies, coffee, etc that the American Diabetes Association recommends. Both will tell you there is big business profiteering on your diabetes. Both will tell you the standard medical approaches to diabetes care usually do more hard than good.