Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Young(?) Women Have Angst About Making Themselves Useful at Home

There is this thing I keep noticing (I've seen it at least three times) some (I imagine young) woman posts something good and useful about how to do something- baking, canning, whatever and then has to add some defense about how she isn't "barefoot in the kitchen" or a "dowdy submissive." I read an article by a woman who says she's been baking for her husband as he's been having a lot of stress, and her friends have been giving her a hard time. Really? For being nice to your husband? It's the baking part you are supposed to be embarrassed about? I am going to start tossing links to this phenomena here as I find them, because they are so weird.

She wears shoes to stir a pot in her kitchen? Oh, she is saying that she doesn't want us to think she's an old-fashioned woman who knows how to do stuff. Are we really so convinced that it is a waste of time to make things, because we can just buy products instead? Can you imagine a man writing this stuff? You can't, right? Why would anyone apologize for knowing how to do stuff?