Monday, June 15, 2009

Cleanse the Body Cleanse the Mind

A group of friends and I are doing a "Spring Cleaning." The theme is "Cleanse the Body Cleanse the Mind." The organizer of this is the wonderful Somatic Massage Practicioner Kristin Welch, located here in Seattle.

My experience this Spring is very curious.

Definately my biggest stumbling block is the cleanse the mind part. For a couple of days this weekend- what, that's the whole weekened?- I just could not get off my toxic thoughts. Sunday morning I was listening to satsang and had a little glimmer of "So, this is it Ruth. I would rather stay with being right, and feeling sorry for myself, and focusing on a bunch of negative stuff, and flit back in forth in my mind between the awful past and awful future and grandize the pain of these thoughts- I would rather have that- then GET OFF IT. And for a few minutes, I would get off it- and then just pick it right back up." Groan.

Luckily my husband has a really good sense of humor so I just started making some jokes and pretty soon we were both laughing.

Anyway- the mental cleanse- that is the big thing!

Also- today I tackle the attic! Yay! I am planning to create a space to make art! We did the closet clean out for Spring on March 20 and I didn't have much to give away as I don't hoard. But the attic... has been collecting stuff... and it needs to get looked at, dusted, organized. But I am so looking forward to this. (And then I can get my art groove on.) I have been so inspired by reading some art blogs out there.