Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Quick Post on Cleanse the Body Cleanse the Mind

Part 2

There hasn't been any part of anything I've eaten or drank this past week that was particularly "cleansing." In fact, I've consumed more coffee in the past two weeks than in ages... But- I rocked a supermove on cleaning out the attic and shed in preparation for ART. All the purging, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping.. a cleanse of sorts.


As far as my organic garden is going,

dandelions are taking over my world.

It is sooooo getting me down.

I picked up 7 dark pink double knock-out roses on clearance for $12 a piece and am now not too sure where to put them. I mean- I have a long fence line and so I can space them all around with low growing flowers. A neighbor has a line of dogwoods with white roses and lavender beneath them. It looks fantastic. I thought I'd do the same (working with dark pink roses.) BUT then I read online that dogwoods get 15' - 20' feet wide AND that you shouldn't plant beneath them as this will interfere with their roots. So, I'm going to leave plenty of space around my one dogwood- and then just do the roses, lavender thing elsewhere. I also have blue geraniums and who-knows-what-else growing back there. And- then have a bed 6' x 4' for vegetables/herbs in the center of the herb garden. Nursery doesn't sell German Chamomile but I'm still trying to source it.

But- big sigh- dandelions are taking over in between the flagstone where the creeping thyme is moving too slowly. This is why most people (is that assumption true?) say Heck! and give up. Pat once told me and Stephen (because I asked) - if you always pull your weeds the minute they start coming up, in seven years you'll have a weed free garden. (Assuming your neighbor has a weed free garden.)