Thursday, April 9, 2009

Family Menu- Posted in April with seasonal for April/May Ingredients

* Most of the raw recipes can be found in the Rawvolution Cookbook by Matt Amsden. Make (not raw) chewy baked tofu by freezing, thawing, draining, pressing, then baking tofu. It makes the texture firm.

Raw Spinach, Pear Salad - Add Roasted Squash when it becomes available

Raw Ginger-Carrot Soup, Raw Zoodles (zuchini noodles) with Chopped Tomato Sauce

Raw Satay Sauce, Raw Brocolli Stir-Not Fry

Non-raw Spicy Chana Dahl, and Raw SpinachSalad for me (non-raw Salmon and Veggies for husband)

Raw Asian Wraps in lettuce (leftover salmon in nori wrap for husband)

Raw Dill Dip and Veggies Sandwiches on Rawvolution Onion/zuchini Bread (non-raw baked Thyme Drumsticks for husband)

Taco-Rawcos in a lettuce wrap (leftover chicken for husband) OR Kashi/Amys frozen pizza and salad

This is a menu that "really works" in terms of what people whose food I am responsible for making, will eat. Most everyone (except my husband) can eat vegan on this menu for all seven days and be very satisfied. Five nights all raw.

For breakfast I have been doing green smoothies: cucumber, a little celery, a little kale, a little pear, sometimes parseley or spinach, and powdered hemp seed and Udo oil. Also serve Cheerios, organic strawberries, organic milk, whole wheat toast with apple butter and melon.

For my lunch: whole wheat bread, natural (but not raw) peanut butter, two small bananas, big handfuls of raw almonds, and a salad with sliced bok choy and spinach in a tamari vinagrette.

Packed lunches have banana and peanut butter sandwich, or carrot sticks to dip in peanut butter, or carrot sticks to dip in hummus with roasted red pepper, and an apple or orange or organic grapes, red bell pepper and cucumber slices, often a cheesestick, and sometimes an oatmeal raisen cookie. This is two snacks and lunch for them.

This is just my best attempt to balance the needs of something low-cost, something easy to fix, etc.