Wednesday, September 10, 2008

O.K. - Wow

I have had this amazing experience- after the Yoga Family & Friends weekend I was introduced to a friend of a friend who long story short introduced me to Mithra and Adya.The class was held in a pale golden room filled with flowers, greenery, unscented candles and a golden sculpture of a woman. I found myself sitting for hours- something I had never done before, and contemplating God. It was officially a Reiki workshop- but truth be told I just showed up because I - I don't know. I was just drawn to be there.

My husband took me to lunch today and he said- "That yoga last weekend (it's Wednesday) was really good for you. You seem so relaxed and happy." My face tends to look pintched and a hundred years old when I haven't had any sleep- and that makes me look grouchy. Uhhh-huuh. Well, I didn't do any yoga last weekend but that's beside the point. You know- today is the same as Wednesday last week- the babies were waking up all night long, etc. And I feel relaxed, peaceful and energized. And nothing has changed with my sleep schedule. And I think that my face looks a little more open and bright. And I don't want any coffee, and I don't want any sweets, or bread or meat, etc, etc. I don't need any "quick energy to get me through." It is suddenly so easy. In fact- reading through past posts- they seem awfully silly. Which is not a judgement that they are silly- I just can't relate to having written them because it (perfect blood sugars/healing) feels so easy right now. I am really OK with me having had those challenges- because anyway I think that's what most people choosing to heal themselves with diet and alternative healing (along with the work I do with my "western medicine" doctor)- it's what we all go through.

Mmmmm... possibly a little insight. Before it was as if I felt like I was fighting "the culture," "tradition aka Halloween Candy and Christmas Pumpkin Pie" and "Madison Avenue" and whatever else- it felt like that was on one side- and I was lucky enough to have my little support crew on my side and there was a struggle. How can I say this? My body is healing- and the whole universe is supporting this. The whole universe is on my side. And there is no struggle- because all time is collapsed and the healing of the entire planet is inevitable and present.

Now- how to maintain "no expectations" about this new beingness?