Sunday, May 25, 2008

There is a Cure for Diabetes

A letter to the universe straight from my heart-

Aaaarrrrghhh.... I'm loving the book There is a Cure for Diabetes. But- the cure really doesn't allow high-glycemic fruits???

I just had an apple with some raw sesame butter. Delicious. If that had to be celery with sesame butter- I think I would need something to balance the bitterness (mix some stevia into the sesame butter?)

Anyway- I am serious about doing this. I generally feel so healthy and energized. But it is really hard. And- it is all hard. No coffee is hard. No fruit is insanely hard. It comes down to vegetables, nuts and seeds. (He has a few recommended grains and beans- but for me those are only sometimes foods. See my earlier posts regarding whole foods to know why. I have already gone that route and my blood sugars were not perfect.)

I have a big glass or two of juice every morning: celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley, ginger and a big salad with everything for lunch. I've been eating "whole food, but often cooked, for dinner." I'm OK with that- but see myself mentally preparing to move away from it. But - no fruit? What the hell? (OK- so he allows blueberries and raspberries, etc) but short of placing raspberries on a real homemade shortbread crust topped with a layer of sugary raspberry jam, and serving it with a cup of coffee to cut all that sweetness- this is feeling like major deprivation. Just saying. Aaarrrgghh...

I wrote to Russell James and told him how much I appreciate him for creating the beautiful food he does. (He doesn't know me.) But- he is such an inspiration!!

I really want to do this and it's going to require some major shift.


When I feel like yelling "sh*t" I should just yell SHIFT!


P.S. If someone is serious about curing their diabetes through raw foods- actually there is a lot of support out there. Dr Gabriel Cousins book is wonderful. My husband is so awesome!!! He is phenomenally supportive of me (he just called me from the store, they are OUT OF CELERY.) My friend Vanessa- thank you for turning me on to this in the first place. My dearest Josie- again- just holding the biggest possible vision for me. My dear brother- totally supportive. I have to say- in that I am so lucky. It is sicko to read reviews of There is a Cure for Diabetes at Amazon where people say their family and friends are not supportive. Time for new friends, time to talk about support!

I'd love to offer support to anyone on this journey, and make some more wonderful friends who are living these choices- I know I am drawing that to myself right now...