Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Making Raw Work

I googled myself and came across this review for the Diabetes Cure by Cousins. At the time I was following Cousins and had perfect blood sugar. Why did I ever stop?

Vanessa was here- we went shopping- I have a fridge full of fantastic fresh produce, soaked almonds, soaked sunflower seeds- I just have to prepare it. I don't even have to cook on a hot day.

Here's the thing with making raw food- unless you're just having a salad then it requires some work to put it together. "Traditional" cooking involves the exact same amount of work. For example, I might slice, salt and weight the eggplant, rinse it, saute it. But, I do that on AUTOPILOT. I am not on autopilot with my raw recipes. And, my favorite raw things take days to prepare- the falafel, raw bread, even sunflower seed smoothies with sprouted seeds has to be started the day before.

So now... I have to get in there and make Kale Salad, Carrot Salad, Cucumber-Celery Juice, slice up the veggies and make a dill sauce... because, I will ultimately eat whatever is in the fridge. Laziness will even allow me to eat things that I know are not good for me such as cheese. Because, that is what most people do. We eat whatever is in the fridge. We need to make an effort to make sure there is something good in the fridge.